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[Korea Daily] Ongoing Trademark Dispute Between Developer and Korean Hotel Concerning the Name “Manhattan West”

December 28, 2016
  A major multinational real estate developer has sued a small Midtown hotel that shares the name of its massive, mixed-use West Side development on claims of trademark infringement. Toronto-based Brookfield Property Partners filed a lawsuit against the Manhattan West Hotel at 303 West 30th Street, at the corner of Eighth Avenue, in the United States District more »

[Korea Daily, The Korean Times] Legal Counsel Designation Ceremony at Consulate General of the Republic of Korea

October 6, 2016
Kim & Bae, P.C. and several of its attorneys are designated as legal counsel for Korean immigrants by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York. The counsel will serve in various legal capacities for two years beginning in 2016. 기사 원문: 뉴욕총영사관이 5일 제12차(2016~2017년도) 법률자문단을 위촉했다. 법률자문단은 재외동포들의 법률 자문 업무를 담당한다. more »

[KBTV] B.J. Kim, Partner, Interview on “Violation of Labor Law” KBTV (2016-09-23)

September 23, 2016
B.J. Kim, Partner, interview on KBTV (2016-09-23) “Violation of Labor Law”   To see the video on YouTube, visit Kim&Bae, P.C. YouTube        

[Korea Daily] A Drowning Accident During Her Training Abroad… Lawsuit Against the University and Hotel

August 17, 2016
A young and promising woman died in cold water, without any help from her college or the hotel where she was staying. A 23-year-old South Korean exchange student who attended Bloomfield College was found unconscious in a swimming pool at the La Quinta Inn in Clifton, New Jersey.  She died after being pulled from the hotel more »

[CHOSUN ILBO] Korea: New Era of Lawsuits

April 13, 2016
  The Korean Government recently began working on simplifying the litigation procedure for the weak and the vulnerable.  According to the Supreme Court of Korea, due to the simplified litigation process, ‘lawyer-less litigation’ accounts for 75% of litigation cases. Although many cons arise including increase in government administrative expense, there are many social benefits that more »

[KOREA YTN] B.J. Kim and Christine Bae, Partners, interview, “An era of 20 thousand lawyers, it’s time to enter U.S market”

March 25, 2016
  Kim & Bae, P.C. located in New York and New Jersey has fought and won in various legal cases for Korean immigrants over the past 20 years. Recently, Kim & Bae, P.C. brought ‘KIKO’ lawsuit above the surface against Citi Bank in which the U.S. Court of Appeals overturned New York District Court’s ruling. more »

[MUNHWA ILBO] B.J. Kim, Partner, interview “Small Dreams for Big Domestic Law Firms”

March 23, 2016
  Attorney B.J. Kim always dreamed like a pioneer. Spending his childhood in Korea and youth in Hong Kong, he and his close friend decided to move to the United States just before college. After obtaining the license passing bar exams in both New York and New Jersey, he fought and won cases that seemed more »

[NY KOREADAILY] Possible Reimbursement for the Victims of ‘KIKO’

March 8, 2016
    ‘KIKO’ lawsuit against Citibank is brought back to the surface. The U.S. Court of Appeals overturned New York District Court’s ruling. The Court of Appeals explained its intent behind the ruling, “Although the contract was made in Korea, looking at the circumstances, Simmtech’s argument that Citibank was behind the transaction seems legit.” After the more »

[YONHAP NEWS] “Saturated Market For Young Lawyers in Korea, Must Reach Out to the U.S. Market”

March 8, 2016
    “The era of 20,000 lawyers has come. In order to thrive, we all must reach out to overseas markets including the US market,” argued Attorney B.J. Kim of Kim & Bae, P.C. in New York. At the Korean Lawyers Association conference, B.J. Kim made a speech on ‘Strategy for the U.S.-Korea FTA: Opening up more »

[MAEIL BUSINESS NEWSPAPER] ‘KIKO’ Lawsuit Against Citibank: The U.S. Court of Appeals Overturns New York District Courts Ruling

March 1, 2016
  Attorney Christine Bae said, “People say fighting for this lawsuit is hopeless, that it’s beating our head against the wall. I understand them saying that because it’s a fight between the global conglomerate Citibank and Korean domestic small firm, biggest law firm in the US and Korean-American law firm. True, but under the circumstances more »
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